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All Nation Driving Academy works to deliver curriculum and programs in partnership with communities that are flexible to membership needs while driving results that we can be proud of together. We work with communities with the goal of building a community owned driving academy.

Driving Courses

We will provide a custom driving package for you which instils safety, responsibility and confidence. View all drivers education classes.

Class 7L Student Course

This course is designed to prepare an individual to take their Class 7L knowledge test. We will focus on a learner centered approach while building healthy attitudes around safe driving behaviours.

General Driving Lesson Packages

You may choose from 1 driving lesson to 10 or more. Perfect for the new driver or for someone with more experience looking for road test preparation. 60-80 hours of driving practice during the first year of your learner’s stage is recommended by ICBC before you attempt your first road test.

Defensive Driving Course

This package includes defensive driving skills, parallel parking, reverse stall parking, and specific road test preparation practice. Your instructor will evaluate your driving skills to find out exactly what you need to work on.

Road Test Package

When you register for this package, we will book your ICBC road test on your behalf.  Our instructor will meet you somewhere convenient for a 60 minute review before your road test which will leave you feeling prepared and ready, and if required you get to use our car for the test!

Become an Affiliate Community

We help communities setup and run a community owned and operated driving academy. Learn more. 


Build Capacity

The intention of All Nations driving Academy is to build capacity in communities and to see First Nations owned driving schools come to life.

Licensed Driver Training School

This opportunity would enable the community to own and operate a driver training school licensed under the motor vehicle act. We walk you thru the process and provide all materials to succeed.

Leverage Income

A Driving Academy can leverage income in surrounding areas, create a sustainable job for diving instructors and administration ensuring that transportation is no longer an issue for members.

Shift – Youth Driven Leadership Program

The Shift Leadership Program has been designed to acknowledge and celebrate youth in our communities who are recognized among their peers as demonstrating qualities that would make them safe driving ambassadors.

We know that leadership isn’t only what we say, it’s found in our actions and in our presence everyday. The Shift program has been founded on the principals of Sharing-Hope-Inspiration-Friendship-Trust. We are excited to bring awareness to those who are a light among many and who will bring their sense of purpose and kindness that exists for others into our schools, communities and on our roads.

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