Shift - Youth Driven Leadership Program

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The Shift Leadership Program has been designed to acknowledge and celebrate youth in our communities who are recognized among their peers as demonstrating qualities that would make them safe driving ambassadors.

We know that leadership isn’t only what we say, it’s found in our actions and in our presence everyday. The Shift program has been founded on the principles. of Sharing-Hope-Inspiration-Friendship-Trust. We are excited to bring awareness to those who are a light among many and who will bring their sense of purpose and kindness that exists for others into our schools, communities and on our roads.

The Shift youth ambassador program is designed for those 16-29 years of age who are currently in any stage of the ICBC licensing process. Each year we will select 6 youth ambassadors from around British Columbia. Youth may apply and be selected for up to two terms.

Our application process is unique in that it also carries with it a video component as online video will be a part of the Shift program.

Our selected ambassadors will be featured on our website, they will be invited as guest speakers to an annual youth conference, invited to be a part of our school outreach program and outfitted with some great gear from our team!

If you know someone who would make a great youth ambassador, please send them our way!

With Much Respect,

Lucy Sager
Founder, Shift.