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Offering Driving Training to Communities

We look forward to the opportunity to deliver this course in partnership with the community focused on best outcomes to achieve student success in the classroom and on the road. We have designed a flexible approach in our delivery methods and offer several options to ensure the program is in alignment with your vision and desired community outcomes.

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Class 7L Driver Training Series

Class 7L Driver Training Series The course has been developed to assist individuals with preparing for their L knowledge test. It is 16 hours in length and can be delivered by one of our GLP instructors in your community.

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Defensive Driving Package

This package includes defensive driving skills, parallel parking, reverse stall parking, and specific road test preparation practice. Your instructor will evaluate your driving skills to find out exactly what you need to work on.

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Road Test Evaluation

This is a great way to prepare for your road test to receive your N or your final class 5 licence.

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Driving Lesson Packages

You may choose from 1 driving lesson to 10 or more. Perfect for the new driver or for someone with more experience looking for road test preparation. 60-80 hours of driving practice during the first year of your learner’s stage is recommended by ICBC before you attempt your first road test. If you are unable to receive the recommended hours of practice, additional lessons are suggested or our team can be available for co-pilot in vehicle driving support. All lessons are 90 minutes in length.

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Road Test Package

Our instructor will meet you somewhere convenient for a 60 minute review before your road test which will leave you feeling prepared and ready, and if required you get to use our car for the test!

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